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Advising on the sale or purchase of a property, and particularly with a high-end clientele, is not just about taking on the role of intermediary. Indeed, it is not a matter of putting a seller and a buyer in contact and waiting patiently for the transaction to be completed. The duty of quality advice, which is the hallmark of Sotheby's services, means assessing, managing and concluding the multiple dimensions of the sale or purchase project, however diverse or complex they may be.  

Mastery of the local environment 

Our experts share with their clients their in-depth knowledge of Marseille's neighbourhoods: the lifestyles adopted by the population, real estate trends, historical anecdotes and any planned urban transformations... This valuable data on the life of a neighbourhood influences the price of a property and can therefore support the decision to sell or buy strategically.  


The recommendation of qualified professionals

During a sale or purchase project, many experts are involved. Even if our clients are sometimes very well supported by their advisors, our teams do not hesitate to open their networks of qualified local professionals to facilitate the smooth running of the real estate project.  

Sotheby's Marseille is able to recommend to its clients a network of high quality experts with whom we work in complete confidence:  
• Notary
• Asset manager
• Legal advisors
• Tax lawyers
• Architects and building professionals
• Banking networks

Sotheby's Marseille also maintains a close and privileged relationship with local public institutions, enabling us to open the right doors for our clients with the Town Hall and specifically with the Town Planning Department.  

Advice on real estate matters 

During a real estate project, purchase or sale of a property, it is not uncommon to hear the opinions of some and others on this subject: "Your house is overpriced", "You should not buy in this area", "I saw the same surface as your flat but twice as expensive"...

Real estate, even for a primary or secondary residence project, can be a great business opportunity. At Sotheby's International Realty Marseille, we take care to systematically evaluate the potential of a purchase or sale project so that our clients can combine their life plans with their financial plans.  

This attention and expertise of our Sotheby's teams are all the more essential to our customers investors. Whether the objective is to buy or sell a property or to rent it out, our teams assist our investor clients in understanding the Marseille market, evaluating a property and securing the transaction. The best advice is to be well advised.

Advice on commercial property

Specifically at Sotheby's International Realty Marseille, we offer our clients a high level of expertise in commercial real estate for both transactions and rentals. Buildings, offices, shops, many opportunities are available to our customers by a technical support, serious and a good handle of the local territory.