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At Marseille Sotheby's International Realty, we pay particular attention to recruitment and team management. To engage our duty of advice, our responsibility is to honour our customers trust and loyalty. A good real estate negotiator must have 5 major qualities to honour the exercise of his profession under the brand Sotheby's:

Listening and Discretion: our team offers top-of-the-range, comprehensive and tailor-made support for both buying and selling projects. The duty of confidentiality is of course inherent to our profession and is an integral part of the historical values of Sotheby's.

Constancy and Tenacity: a real estate project is an adventure made up of hazards and steps to be taken to bring it to a successful conclusion. Accompanying our buyer and seller clients means ensuring that they stay on course. While some projects seem complex and sometimes even impossible to achieve, our role is to find simple and effective solutions to bring them to fruition.

Finesse and Ability: real estate consulting is also and above all the mastery levels of negotiation. Negotiating is neither lying nor deceiving and even less forcing. It is simply expressing the truth in the right way at the right time. In negotiation, the notions of "timing" and "knowing how to say" are essentials. This is the primary duty of our experts on behalf of their clients' interests.

Committed and Passionate: "Doing real estate" is not just about acting as an intermediary. Adding a certain knowledge of related subjects - such as architecture, urban planning, the history of the city, legal and financial advice - to real estate advice gives the profession another value and offers our clients a high quality service.

Rigour and Anticipation: Within our teams, seriousness and rigour are found at all levels: in the client relationship, in the files preparation, in the links with our partners and in exchanges with our colleagues. A real estate project can sometimes be so fragile that a little dust in the gears can turn it upside down. Anticipating and knowing the subject inside out means that our clients can be sure that all the chances are on their side to see their property project comes to success.

Solange DAHAN
William GESLIN
Charlie Fontanet Didier
Catherine PANZER